SEO can be a daunting task that requires more attention than most would like to think. If you are new to the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), we can help catch you up with this article here. A quick explanation is that proper SEO practices help your website show up closer to the top of search engine results. Many people are under the impression that you can set the SEO on your website and walk away. This is not the case, and here are some reasons why SEO is not set it and forget it.

Evolving Search Engines

The way that people browse for information is constantly changing. Keeping up with mobile advancements and even voice automated searches can make a difference in the functionality of your website. User-friendly has always been one of the most important factors in obtaining a higher rank on search engine pages. Are you keeping up with the latest advancements for web traffic?

Changing Industry

Not only do you have to keep up with the latest and greatest in search engine use, you also have to keep up with your competitors. Rarely does any industry stay exactly the same over time. People gain competitive advantages by constantly improving. Consumers are going to be looking for your business to prove that they are up to date. One way to do that is to have evolving SEO to reflect the content and concepts your clientele are looking for. This means keeping your website landing pages and content continually updated.

Ranking System

Like the way people browse and the trends in your specific industry, the Google Algorithm is constantly changing. This is essentially the method in which Google ranks websites according to certain attributes that a website does or doesn’t have. Quality content has always been the biggest factor in ranking, but there are details that accompany that concept and they are ever-changing.

Off-Site SEO

One important area that is often overlooked is off-site SEO. This concept refers to actions taken outside of your own website to impact your rankings. This can include social media triggers, customer reviews, backlinks, influencer marketing, guest blogs and other interactions in various places throughout the internet. Off-Site SEO can be compared to marketing through word of mouth. It is a continual process. If no one is spreading the word, no one is helping to move your website up in page rankings.

There is a lot to keep in mind when coming up with a system for SEO that works. The set it and forget it method is going to leave you wondering why your site is dropping below the rank of your competition. SEO can seem overwhelming, but it is worth the effort. Working with a digital marketing company, experienced and skilled in SEO best practices can take a lot of weight off of your shoulders. Call the professionals at Tree Ring Digital to get on track.