When you have a website that you’re proud of, you want to share it with the world. You’re anxiously waiting to welcome, wow, and win over a crowd of potential customers.

But where is everyone?

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), also known as Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), is a quick and easy way to get users in the digital door. You may even qualify for a Google Ad Grant.

Search Engine Marketing ExampleThe goal of search engine marketing is to get your website to appear on the first page of the search results when a user searches for a product or service you provide. Listings that have paid for placement appear at the top and bottom of the search results with an “Ad” marker. That placement is bid on against competitors and other factors, but you are charged only when a user clicks on your listing. PPC advertising allows us to target your ideal user by setting parameters for location, age, gender, search history, and more. Then, we carefully select a set of keywords and phrases that your ideal user would enter when searching for your products or services, so your website appears to the user at the most opportune moment. A reliable way to reach your target market right when they’re looking to buy? If this isn’t a dream, you may wonder why everyone doesn’t use PPC advertising exclusively.

Well, in our experience, it simply does not work for every business. We have seen search engine marketing produce the best results when applied to very specific topics. For instance, “breakfast burrito Denver” is better suited to PPC advertising than “restaurant Denver.” We have run successful PPC advertising campaigns for restaurants, home inspectors, clothing retailers, and many other industries, but we will be honest if we don’t think it’s the right fit for you. We will also be honest about the cost-effectiveness of PPC ads. The cost of displaying your ad is completely dependent on keyword strategy, quality of your ads, and how much your competitors are willing to bid. Some companies spend exorbitant amounts of money to monopolize PPC ads for a specific industry and it may not be cost-effective to try and compete.

While the instant results of PPC advertising can be just the thing a new or stagnant business needs to jump-start sales, it is not meant to be a long-term strategy. We know that top placement in search results is really best achieved organically, through SEO. And it’s no surprise that earning placement takes much longer than purchasing placement. So we often use PPC advertising as a supplement to SEO, bringing awareness to a new business while we wait for our other efforts to kick in.

No matter what industry you are in or how long you’ve been in business, we will help you find the right marketing strategy. If PPC advertising is a good fit, you can trust us to run a successful campaign.