About Page

The About page of your website outlines important content about you and/or your company that will inform and attract customers. The key is to make sure the About page contains key elements that people look for when choosing your company instead of the competitor.

About The Business

Often for small businesses, the user is performing a search and tries comparing a few of the top search results, knowing nothing about any of the companies. Customers will likely click on an About page to get a feel for a business and what the business does. This is an opportunity to tell them about why the business was started, the passion for offering the product or service, and what the mission of the business is.

If you are selling products, you might want to highlight these products and explain how they resolve a current problem your customer is experiencing as customers tend to buy because of a need they’re trying to solve, not a want.

Your About page should include pertinent details about your business, including:

  • When the business was started.
  • Where the business is based.
  • What the service area(s) is.
  • What service or products are offered.
  • Why service or products are unique.
  • Pictures of you and/or your team.
  • Is it a family owned operation.

Be sure to blend them together into sentences and paragraphs instead of bullet points. Remember, your telling a story about your business.

About the Individual

If you’re an individual offering a service (ie: chiropractor, massage therapist, music teacher, etc.) the About page is a great way to showcase your accomplishments, education, qualifications, and organizations you participate in. This is in addition to the information about your business. You can elaborate on what differentiates you from your competition, adding any success you have found from offering something no one else does. It is an opportunity to write about specific experiences that customers have had, your beliefs, values or approach, or how you perform the service different than your competitors.

Your About Page Does Matter

While an About page may receive the least amount of attention when creating your website, it should contain information that’s going to inform the visitor and help build trust. If you’ve only written a few sentences about your business, this triggers the user to think that you don’t know much about your business and there is no compelling reason to choose you. We all know this isn’t true, but it’s the perception that it gives.

Think about it, how likely are you to trust a business that has a few short sentences on their about page over a business that explains what they do, why they do it, and how they’re excited and ready to help you?


Keeping your About page concise, to the point, and informative will help drive customers to your business and keep them from looking elsewhere. Once you have an About page you are comfortable with, make sure to modify or update to reflect any future changes.

While writing the About section can be daunting, it is actually quite simple when you include these specific points.

Still not sure what to write? Contact our writing team and we’ll make sure your story is heard.