Are you pulling your hair out, trying keyword after keyword with no ads to be seen? It’s normal to want to see how your PPC ads appear in the search engine results and understandably frustrating when they can’t be found. There may be a number of good reasons that you are not seeing your Pay Per Click (PPC) and geofencing ads.

The Program is Smarter Than You

Ouch! If that hurt a little, please try not to be offended. Geofencing programs are set up to give you the most bang for your buck and have taken a lot of little factors into consideration to ensure just that. Here are a few of those factors.

1. You and Your Employees Don’t Need to be Marketed to

Geofencing is based on location. The program can tell if you are in the same location day in and day out. Most likely this means that you are an employee of the business or already a VERY frequent shopper. Your employees don’t need to see ads for their workplace and the platform knows this.

2. The Target Demographic May Not Include You

Just because you own or manage a business does not mean that you fit the target demographic. This is certainly different for each company. For example, we have a good friend who is a fifty-year-old man. He and his wife own a women’s clothing store. He does not fit the target demographic at all.

Your Settings and Budget Matter

There are several things to consider when choosing the budget and delivery method for your ads. If you aren’t seeing your ads pop up, these could be potential factors.

1. You May be Bidding Low

PPC and Geofencing is still a bidding game. If you are being outbid for keywords or locations, you may not be showing up on page one or in every app possible. Consider adjusting your bid or your keywords to show up more frequently.

2. Your Average Daily Budget May be Exceeded

If you have set your budget to be limited per day, you may have already used it up by the time you try and view your ads. Your average daily budget is used to determine how much you would like to spend on average each day for a particular ad campaign. Ads will typically stop showing for the day once this budget has been met.

3. Poor Ad Delivery Choices Have Been Made

There are two options for PPC Ad delivery speed. One is standard ad deliver and one is accelerated. The only reason a business should choose the accelerated method is if it makes sense to have ads delivered in the morning. Otherwise, standard delivery allows ads to be shown gradually throughout the day, preventing the whole budget from being used up in the morning. If you have created your ads without the assistance of a professional, you may want to check this setting.

What to do if You Can’t See Your PPC / Geofencing Ads

First of all, remember that if you are viewing your own ads and clicking on them, you are going to be charged for that click. It is better to use a preview tool or request that the professionals handling your account show you a preview.

The experienced marketing team at Tree Ring Digital would be happy to help clean up your PPC / Geofencing efforts and get your ads in front of the right people. Give us a call and let’s get those ads seen!