Directory listing services help businesses claim all of their relevant listings, ensuring accuracy and professionalism. There are so many places that your contact information can be found online, it can seem impossible to keep up with them all. This is why directory listing services are important. 

Why Do I Have to Pay Annually for Directory Listing Services?

Technology is much more efficient and accurate than our Googling skills. The technology used to optimize your directory listing services is linked across most all of the platforms that host your business’s information. Paying annually for this service allows your listings to stay current but also adjustable should your information change. It also keeps your information locked so that it can only be changed when you want it to.

Can’t I Just do it Myself?

Tree Ring Digital was once a very very small little start-up. Owner, Paige Wiese also thought that she could manage all of Tree Ring’s directory listings herself. She soon realized that using her personal cell phone on all her directory listings was a bad idea and that growth of the business was going to mean a new location. All that means new directory information.

Changes happen, and chasing down loose ends is not the best use of time for any business owner. With directory listing services, changes can be made in 24 hours across all your listings. It is worth noting that most individual directories require their own accounts and passwords. Do you have a storage system or way to remember another 60+ passwords and usernames?

What Happens if I Just Stop My Directory Listing Service?

Luckily your new content will not revert back to the way it was before. At least not instantly . . . But without a system to manage, update your listings and lock in your correct data, your business becomes subject to the unpredictability of search engines, data aggregators, publishers and mobile apps, which may or may not compile the correct information for your listing.

Each of these systems utilizes a different method to match, merge, and select data it will choose to display. This inconsistency can quickly set you right back where you started.

Why You Should Renew Your Directory Listing Service Annually?

It is a common mistake to think that once your business’s directory listings are set and organized, that they are good for life. This is not the case. One of the biggest benefits of a directory listing service aside from professionalism and consistency is the peace of mind in knowing that your information is locked. There is no need to run your business name through endless searches looking for a mistake in your phone number or address.

If you are new to directory listing services or have questions about your current plan, please feel free to contact the professionals at Tree Ring Digital to make sure your listings are accurate and maintained.