You probably already know that the Tree Ring Digital team is made up of talented digital marketers with the skills to amplify the voice of your business. But you might not know that the team is dedicated to using its gifts to serve the community.

Tree Ring Digital has teamed up with the Colorado-based non-profit Outdoor Mindset (OM), an “outdoor-focused community for people affected by neurological challenges.” OM started in 2010 as a group who “shared a passion for the outdoors, an unyielding enthusiasm for life, and a drive to overcome the hardships of a neurological challenge while focusing on quality of life.” (

OM’s mission is one that Tree Ring’s founder, Paige Wiese, shares.

Tree Ring Digital partners with Outdoor Mindset

Overcoming Neurological Challenge

Prior to become one of Denver’s best website developers and marketers, Wiese worked in architecture, and often found herself having to drive to construction sites. When she began to have seizures and unable to drive to work or construction sites, she realized she had to find a new career. Given her considerable moxie, it’s not surprising that Wiese rose to the challenge and started Tree Ring Digital.

But there’s more to life than work, even when the work is fun and you’re great at it. As an avid outdoor adventurer, Wiese had to figure out how to continue her extracurricular activities while living with her new normal (epilepsy). She asked herself, “how do I keep epilepsy from ruining my life?” And that’s where OM came in.

Thriving with OM

Outdoor Mindset exists to empower people like Wiese who refuse to give up their love of the outdoors due to neurological challenges.

Writing on Outdoor Mindset’s blog, member Amy Franklin recommends the organization and speaks to the difference it’s made in her life.

“I highly suggest reaching out to Outdoor Mindset. You can still have a pity party if that is on your agenda, but now you will be able to have a conversation at your party and the venue will most likely be somewhere outside rather than your couch. You can talk about spinal taps, meds, CAT scans, MRIs, EEGs and no one will look at you funny! You can lose your balance while on a climbing adventure and no one will think less of you! It is incredibly liberating to be around other people who share some or all of your challenges. Not only is it liberating, but you get to be outside! Being able to maintain my active and outdoor centered life was the most important thing to me after being diagnosed (with epilepsy).”

A Creative Collaboration

Tree Ring Digital is honored to donate time and expertise to OM, and the admiration is mutual. OM’s executive director, Jake Quigley, said, “OM is incredibly fortunate to have a strong partnership with Tree Ring Digital. The company’s deep-seated values and interest in OM’s mission provide opportunity for collaboration on creative initiatives and outreach projects. Their expertise in both these areas is invaluable to our organization’s success in serving our members.”