As technology continues to expand, the need for presence and visibility will be vital to your sales and business success. The most influential format used is advertising, comprising over $285 billion US dollars in 2021 alone. According to Statistica, this number will climb to $385 billion by the end of 2022.

With these facts in mind, investing your resources into your marketing and advertising strategy is the best step toward sustainable growth. A well crafted advertisement will imprint a positive first impression with your prospective clients and illustrate how your products and services will meet their needs.

Google Local Services Ads (LSAs) are the thumbnail sized icons at the top of search results when someone uses Google. They act as small, info-rich cards that let the consumer know your business name, basic info, and Google rating. They appear above normal, text-based search results. Here is how they appear for a user:

When crafting your content and marketing strategy, using Google Local Services Ads will be a game changer for your sales.

Here’s 4 reasons your business needs LSAs, today:

  1. Google supports real conversions and you only pay for legitimate leads.
    Did you know that Google Local Services Ads are only paid when the leads are viable for your business? There are hundreds of spam bots and scams being run, leading many businesses to struggle with invisible leads and waste valuable marketing budget money. Once a user sees your ad, and contacts your team, Google then charges for the lead. Spam or invalid leads can still happen, but it’s an easy process to dispute them with Google and get those charges removed. How many businesses can say that 100% of their marketing budget is actually used on tangible leads? Now, all of them can.
  2. Your business will be relevant to the person searching for an answer.
    Google often shows the most relevant search results for a set of keywords, which typically provides the user with what they’re looking for. However, depending on where the user is located, the results they receive may be irrelevant to the information they need. LSAs are targeted to your local community/serving community, which means the prospective customer will be in the areas you serve. When you target your LSAs to be visible to your local community, your new client base will find you easier and more rapidly.
  3. You will convert new visitors to customers, faster.
    When you launch a Google Local Service Ad for your business, it will appear above the text-based search results on Google. This change gives an ad a more impactful result. According to Bright Local, LSAs account for 14% of clicks on a search results page. That is a massive lead! Most users will interact with Google Local Services Ads before clicking on websites, because it has an attractive balance of image, bolded company info, description, and review and rating result. When you target your LSAs in your local community, your new client base will find you easier and more rapidly. Within seconds, a consumer knows the most important information about how you can help them.
  4. The Google Guarantee is a Game-Changer
    When customers book a product or service with your business, Google is both the business and the client’s ally in the process. The Google Guarantee is a badge that protects customers through LSAs, letting them know that your business is trustworthy. If the customer is unhappy with their experience, Google will refund that user without penalizing or charging your business! Simply provide your business license and insurance to Google when launching your Local Service Ads, and this powerful marketing tool will be activated for your team.

Many industries and business types can be advertised on a Google Local Service Ad.

Here is the complete list of business eligibility:

Animal rescue
Appliance repair services
Bankruptcy lawyer services
Beauty school
Business lawyer services
Carpet cleaning services
Child care
Contract lawyer services
Criminal lawyer services
Dance instructor
Countertop services
Disability lawyer services
Driving instructor
DUI lawyer services
Estate lawyer services
Family lawyer services
Fencing services
Financial planning services
First aid training
Flooring services
Foundations services
Funeral home

Garage door services
General contractor
Home inspector
Home security
Home theater
House cleaning services
HVAC (heating or air conditioning)
Immigration lawyer services
IP lawyer services
Junk removal services
Labor lawyer services
Landscaping services
Language instructor
Lawn care services
Litigation lawyer services
Malpractice lawyer services
Massage school
Moving services
Personal injury lawyer services
Personal trainer
Pest control services

Pet adoption
Pet boarding
Pet grooming
Pet training
Pool cleaner
Pool contractor
Real estate lawyer
Real estate services
Sewage system
Siding services
Snow removal
Tax services
Traffic lawyer services
Tree services
Water damage services
Weight loss service
Window cleaning services
Window repair services
Yoga studio

While many areas can utilize these local ads, Google does not support all cities yet. If you live in a low density area, or would like to check if local service ads are available to you, check with Google’s Eligibility form here.

You are ready.

Let’s publish your first Google Local Service Ad!

By partnering with a great content team, generating excitement around your marketing strategy, and using LSAs, you will be well on your way to success and growth in the digital landscape!

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