Being an entrepreneur and/or owning a business is both scary and exhilarating, even in the best of times. But right now is (obviously) not the best of times – COVID-19 is presenting a challenge across the globe, and you have every right to feel afraid. As a business person, you depend on connection and community – not just for yourself, but for your dependents and your employees. You’ve worked so hard for so long to build what you have, and with all the warnings and advice to distance yourself from others, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and isolated. But you are not alone. 

At Tree Ring Digital, we’re focused on helping you and your business not just survive but THRIVE in this challenging time. We know that you’re strong. You’re innovative and you’re a survivor. Your business wouldn’t have lasted this long if you weren’t. So now is not the time to give up – it’s the time to prove to yourself and the world what you already know; you’ve got what it takes to survive hard times. 

None of us knows what the future holds. But we do know that people will continue to need and want  your services, even if it doesn’t look that way today. Like you, Tree Ring Digital is in business for the long haul. It’s imperative that you keep marketing yourself, and keep letting the public know that you’re here for them with your online presence. Let people know that you’re not going away, and they’ll remember you when this crisis is over. 

How can we help you? We understand that this is a difficult time. We know that the situation may necessitate drastic changes in the short term. But know that we’re here for you for the long term.