PPC Advertising

The goal of any marketing strategy is to match products and services to consumers who need and/or want them. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an effective and efficient way to strategically make your business visible to relevant audiences. There are a number of measurable benefits of PPC advertising.

The Basics of PPC Marketing

PPC advertising is a keyword auction where your business creates an ad and then bids on relevant phrases for that ad. The ad appears above or below the non-paid organic search results. The higher the quality score, and sometimes bid, the more likely your ad is to achieve prime real estate at the top of the search results. You then pay the search engine every time your ad is clicked.

Here are the Top 5 Benefits of PPC Advertising:

1. Increase Brand Awareness

Whether you want to or not, the top of the page is the first thing you are likely to look at when conducting an online search. The generally accepted theory is that a person must see a brand six times before it becomes recognizable. Even if someone chooses not to engage with your business, you are establishing brand recognition.

2. Rise Above Your Competition

Competition is thick and you need to stand out literally ABOVE the rest. SEO is extremely important for organic ranking, but it does take time. One of the benefits of PPC advertising is that it does not take time. It does take money, but with a click of a button you can have your name appear above that of your competitors who are ranking for the same terms.

3. Highly Targeted Audience

PPC advertising does require putting in some effort on keyword or phrase generation. Identifying a set of words that are commonly searched and relate to your business will allow your business to be discovered by a target audience of people who are already interested. These people can be identified by their location, language they speak, interests, what kind of device they are using, the time of day they are online and much more.

4. Enormous Audience Potential

On any given day Google alone has 63,000 searches per second according to Internet Live Stats. Across all search engines the Internet handles over 6 million searches daily, worldwide. That is a lot of potential customers depending on your specific market. With 81% of shoppers conduct research before making a big buying decisions, PPC advertising can put your business in front of a lot of people.

5. Cost Effective

With traditional marketing efforts, you pay a set fee, no matter who views your ad or whether or not they’re interested in your service or product. Unlike other marketing strategies, PPC advertising functions as the name implies: payment is only made when an ad is clicked on. This makes PPC advertising more cost effective and easier to monitor your return on investment.

Bonus: Retargeting/Remarketing

The benefits of PPC advertising do not have to stop once someone clicks on your ad. It is common for online buyers to take time in making purchasing decisions. This is where retargeting comes in. Once a potential customer has engaged with your website that lead is tagged with a short tracking code. That code will allow you to display targeted ads pertaining to the items or services they have shown interest in. Retargeting has shown to significantly boost conversions as well as increasing brand awareness.

The commonly reported statistic is that 41% of clicks go to the top three paid ads on a search result page. Considering the amount of clicks that occur, that is a large percentage. The benefits of PPC advertising are not hard to see. Keep in mind that there is a good chance your competition also understands the value of PPC and is ready to bid along-side you.

If you have not already incorporated PPC advertising into your marketing strategy, it is time to learn more and get in the game. At Tree Ring Digital, we can help you optimize your PPC advertising experience and generate those leads you have been waiting for.