Thanking clients for signing up for your company blog, newsletter, or other online services is considerate, but don’t overlook all of the opportunities.

Thank You Page

We recommend creating thank you pages specific to any quote/service requests or other contact forms on your website. A page like this can be set up to automatically pop up when a user submits a form, letting them know that their request went through and what they can expect to happen next.

This page can also be used to prompt users to visit your Facebook page, read your blog, or notify them about a special promotion. This keeps them on your site longer and brings to their attention information they may not have previously seen on our site.

Auto Responder

Auto responders are really useful to let people know when you’re out of the office, but they are just as easy to put in place for when users opt in, sign up, or request more information about your company. Again, this type of message confirms that a user’s request has been received, but it’s also a great place to:

  • Display reviews
  • Drive them to your blog
  • Link them to your social media accounts
  • Provide examples of your best work

This helps automate your sales process, ensuring that important follow up messages are never delayed or forgotten. It also saves you the time it would take to manually respond to every inquiry and opt-in.

Email Template

Creating a few simple email templates is just one more way to make saying thank you, quickly and easily. One of the most important templates to put in place is a Thank You for Payment. This confirms that a payment has officially been received, which is helpful for their records. Assuming there were no issues with the work you completed, this is the perfect time to link clients to one of your review platforms or request a referral. With a template in place, all you need to do is add a salutation and maybe an invoice number and your considerate, personal email of thanks is ready to send. Hopefully a few clients will appreciate the extra effort and feel motivated to leave that review.

If you’d like assistance in setting up thank you pages, auto responders, or email templates to streamline your sales process, we’d love to help! Contact us today at 303-218-5287.