In our article, “Is Marketing on Pinterest Worth it?” we let you know how to determine whether or not Pinterest is right for your business and why you may want to consider it as a marketing platform. For those of you who found Pinterest to be a good fit, we also promised to post some tips to make the most out of your Pinterest for business account. Here are our best recommendations for increasing visibility, popularity and sales through Pinterest.


Not all pins are created equally. Here are some simple ways you can optimize your pins to maximize visibility.

  • Add hovering pins to your website images to make it easy for users to share.
  • Connect your social media accounts for an instant follower base.
  • Use keywords in titles and descriptions.
  • Pin at optimal times, which are found to be 2pm, 4pm, 8pm and 1am (eastern). Saturday morning has been claimed to be the best time to pin.
  • IMAGES are still the most important aspect of pins! In order to be noticed, make sure yours are high res, bright rather than dark and, as a general guideline, 736×1102 pixels. Instructographics are among the most popular types of images.

Gain Popularity


Pin other users’ pins, comment on other pins and reply to comments on your own pins.

Post Frequently:

The recommended frequency is 5-30 pins per day…but not all at once! Pinners do not like being bombarded with large groups of the same types of pins or pins from the same source; they are likely to scroll past all your hard work. One solution is to load up your secret board in one session and move those pins to public boards throughout the day.

Follow Popular Boards:

Simply following and engaging with the most popular boards in your industry will get the face of your business account in front of huge numbers of relevant pinners. These boards are popular for a reason; watch and learn from their strategies.

Utilize Pinterest for Business Tools

Rich Pins:

These pins have special features that are attractive to pinners.

There are currently 6 types:

  • App Pins include an install button, so Pinners can easily download your app.
  • Movie Pins include ratings, actors and reviews.
  • Recipe Pins include ingredients, cooking times and serving info.
  • Article Pins include a large title, company logo, author, description or excerpt and call to action leading to your blog.
  • Product Pins include live pricing and availability. Pinners can be notified if prices are reduced more than 10%.
  • Place Pins include a map, address and phone number, in addition to the main image.

Promoted Pins:

Target your best pins to the right audience…and only pay for results.

There are 3 types of campaigns:

  • Awareness – This campaign will give you access to top placements, desired audience targets, more creative ads and the greatest reach.
  • Engagement – This campaign will help you reach people while they’re figuring out what to do next. You pay for each engagement (a closeup, repin or click) on your Pin.
  • Traffic – This campaign will help you reach people while they’re looking for relevant Pins that help them take action. You only pay for clicks to your website.

Buyable Pins:

Sell your products on Pinterest by adding pricing and a buy it button to your product pins. Read more about buyable pins in: Buyable Pins: What Pinterest’s Latest Feature Means for Businesses.


Verify your website and use this tool to access and analyze valuable information, including:

    • What Pins and boards from your profile people love most
    • What people like to pin from your website
    • The amount of traffic your site gets when you add the Pin It button
    • Your Pinterest audience gender, location and other interests
    • What devices people use to pin

Pinterest for Business offers a lot of support through their guides, videos and help center. If you still have questions or would like some assistance setting up or managing a Pinterest account for your business, Adroit Creative Solutions would love to help! Contact us today: 303-218-5287