Last month we posted the article: What’s the Magic Formula for a Blog, about the length and consistency of your blog posts. If you’ve taken the leap and started blogging, but are nervous about running out of relevant, interesting content, never fear! That’s just what we’ll address in this article.

Generate relevant topics

Customer Questions – Pay attention to what’s being handed to you.

When you take the time to answer a question for a client, why not develop a blog post while the topic’s fresh in your mind? Especially if there’s a recurring question you seem to get from clients, chances are, many others are wondering the same thing and there’s just not a good source for an answer out there.

Yahoo Answers – Find out what questions users are asking.

Below the search box, you will find examples of topics that are trending for the day. Click on one of these provided topics, one of the general topics listed to the left or type in a question or topic of your own. Yahoo will show you actual questions users are searching related to your question/topic. Search results can be sorted by relevance, newness or questions that have the most or least “answers.”

Google Trends – Find out what users are searching for and what existing content is most popular.

From the home page you can see the most popular stories of the day, which can be filtered by business, entertainment, health, sci/tech and sports. Using the menu to the left, you can see top searches, top charts and what’s trending on YouTube for that day.

Keep it interesting

Running low on creative energy? Try rotating through these formats and elements to keep things fresh:

  • Numbered lists: Top 10…, 5 Reasons why…, etc.
  • Reviews: If you’ve researched anything in order to make a decision related to your business, you can easily blog about your findings, so others don’t have to go through the same process.
  • How To: Document a step-by-step tutorial for a useful process related to your business. You can use photos, screen shots or video. Whether it’s simple or complex, someone is probably looking for easy to follow instructions.
  • Recommendations: Whether you have a long term loyalty to a product or service or have just discovered something new, it’s worth sharing with your readers.
  • Video Post: Simply record yourself talking about your blog topic. This will give your audience a face to connect with.
  • Share a link: Post an article from another blog and briefly explain what you find interesting about it. Then, ask your readers to share their opinion to get a discussion going.

We hope these ideas are enough to keep you blogging for a while, but if you would like assistance with content creation or blog management, visit our website or give us a call: 303-218-5287. We provide copy writing services for a wide variety of industries; we would love to learn about your business and discuss how we can help!