A few weeks ago, we posted the article: Buyable Pins: What Pinterest’s Latest Feature Means for Businesses. The roll out of buyable pins was a big deal…for retailers who utilize Pinterest as a marketing platform. But, there are still small business owners out there who question the value of Pinterest for their business.

Is Pinterest marketing right for your business?

While you can make Pinterest work for businesses in almost any industry, there are a few points to consider when deciding whether or not investing in Pinterest will really be worth your time and dollars in the end.

  • Do you have a product to sell on Pinterest…or do you have a website you want to drive more traffic to?
  • Does your company fit into a Pinterest category?
  • Are your customers on Pinterest? (Women aged 18-54 currently dominate, but men are the fastest growing demographic).
  • Can your products or services be translated visually with quality images?

Just for fun and since we’re talking about visuals, does a good job of expressing our blog topic through a simple infographic:Does-Pinterest-Marketing-Make-sense

So…what’s the verdict?

If you answer “no” to any of the questions listed above, Pinterest may not be the place to focus your marketing efforts at this time.

If you can answer yes across the board, Pinterest marketing is undoubtedly going to be worth your efforts. Here’s why:

Marketing and selling products on Pinterest is easy. A business account is afforded with great tools, like analytics, rich pins, buyable pins, promoted pins and more. Pinterest provides a way to create a visual representation of not only your company’s products and services, but also your interests and values, allowing you to connect with your target audience on a personal level. Unlike any other social media platform, Pinterest is organically product-centered, so it’s the perfect place for businesses to reach over 70 Million users who are specifically researching products and looking to buy.

If you are considering starting up a Pinterest business account or would like to learn more about how to make Pinterest marketing work for your business, keep your eye on our blog; in the near future we’ll be posting tips on how to get the most out of Pinterest marketing. Just can’t wait for the next article? Give us a call! (303-218-5287) We’re happy to answer your Pinterest questions, help set up your business account, discuss marketing strategies or even manage an account for you.