Call To Action - CTA

What is a Call to Action?

The call to action is a phrase or line of text that tells people to purchase, donate or attend. This is how you let your audience know what you want them to do. If you spend money on marketing, you likely want some sort of result in return, whether that’s recruiting new clients, raising funds for a cause or getting people to attend an event. Any good piece of marketing will have a clear call to action.

Why is a Call to Action Important?

You wouldn’t hand out a flyer that says “Hey, I just opened a new business” and ends there. Because, honestly…who would care? A successful flyer would provide incentive for people to try your services, visit your website or at least build up some intrigue and provide a way for them to learn more.

Calls to action are just as important to a website as they are to any other marketing effort. Your business website is the ultimate marketing tool and it should have clear goals. Do you want to increase foot traffic, online orders or blog readership? The goal is yours to determine, but your website should be working to drive users to take the action you desire.

Calls to Action on Websites

On a website, a call to action is often displayed as a directional phrase placed on a button with the desired action being a click of that button. Want users to schedule an appointment? A call to action might say “Don’t wait one more day, click here to schedule an appointment today.” When a user clicks, they are taken directly to your online scheduling form.

Calls to action also help make your site easy to navigate. Make it clear to users where they should click to find exactly what they’re looking for. A cluttered, messy site can cause a frustrated user to leave. Don’t risk losing potential customers; guide them through your site and lead them to your goal.

No matter what your calls to action are, if they are well crafted and strategically placed, they will ultimately lead to sales.