Geofencing is a location based service that uses GPS, RFID, Wi-Fi or cellular data to trigger a pre-programed action. In the case of marketing, this action is often the delivery of an advertisement specific to your establishment. Geofencing apps and software spark these interactions based on the user (potential customer’s) location.

This marketing strategy is especially effective for retail, restaurants, breweries, and other businesses with brick and mortar locations that a customer would visit.

Constructing a virtual barrier around a specific location

There are countless ways to target a potential customer based on their location. Multiple strategies can be applied for the biggest benefit.

For example; An ice cream parlor wants to gain business. They set up a geofence around their establishment. When people walk by, they receive digital advertisements related to the business. Let’s say there is a popular restaurant not far away. They also design a fence that targets people leaving that specific location. Doesn’t dessert sound great all of a sudden? They could also choose to put a geofence around a party supply store or park that host little league games. All of these places are relevant to potential customers.

The Impeccable Timing of Geofencing

Timing is everything when it comes to purchases. Geofencing allows you to target your potential audience right when they are the most likely to be interested. We can help you find your ideal customer using cues such as the competitors they have visited, whether they have purchased from you previously and what kind of demographic they represent. This allows us to target the customers that are most ready to buy. Sending the right ad at the right time can be the difference in whether or not they walk though your door.

Ads That are Relevant

All the magic of Geofencing will not convert your leads if your advertisements are not on point within each location. Advertising a 10% discount on a single scoop ice cream cone for all little league players does not make sense for people who just finished dining at a nearby restaurant.

The language of the ad needs to reflect the target audience. Let us help you determine where you should be advertising and what you need to say to get people in the door. We’ll create ads that make sense for customers based on their location.