With social media being on the forefront of online marketing, it is important to note a prominent symbol being used throughout multiple platforms. Hashtags have become a popular way to share interests through a common theme. It is a way to target, connect, and engage users. Hashtags also allow users that are not specifically following you to find your business profile.

Hashtag Sample

Examples of Hashtags on Instagram

What Is a Hashtag

A Hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by a pound symbol (#) and is used to identify messages related to a specific topic. Hashtags may include one word or multiple words without any spaces. Some examples of Hashtags might be #Foodie, #YogaPose, #PhotoOfTheDay.

How Do You Use Hashtags

To use a Hashtag one would place it within a comment, after a phrase, or as a keyword in a social media post. Depending on the content you are sharing, you will use a Hashtag that relates to that content. This makes the content of your post accessible to everyone with similar interests searching that specific Hashtag.

In the example to the right, when users search #BrickPainting, or any of the Hashtags listed in the comments, they will discover your post within the search results.

When To Use Hashtags

You will use Hashtags when posting on social media platforms. The primary social platforms that use Hashtags are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The amount of Hashtags you use varies on which platform you are using. For Facebook and Twitter, the recommended number of Hashtags to use is 1-2. For Instagram, the recommended number is 5-10.

In conclusion, Hashtags are a great and simple way you can find new customers while they are looking up specific topics. It drives social media engagement and helps boost the amount of views your post receives. This could ultimately lead to more followers on your social media profiles.