Our SEO Setup service includes putting in place the basic items search engines require in order to recognize the existence of your domain. Think of it as a “Grand Opening” sign on a new brick and mortar location, letting people to know that the establishment is new and open for business.

Local Business Listing

Claiming your local business listing within the search engines is the first step of letting the search engines know a business is local. It lets them know where you’re located, how to contact you, what your hours of operation are, and much more. It’s important to claim and control this listing to ensure that people are provided with accurate details about your business when they find your business listing on Google Maps or Bing Maps. To dive deeper into increasing your local page rank we’d recommend our directory listing management services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free yet very powerful tool, which allows us to view important details about your site’s performance. These are just a few of the valuable details Google Analytics provides: how much traffic is coming to your site, how long people are staying on your site, what page users are leaving your site from, how users are finding your site, and tracking your marketing efforts.

Webmaster Tools

Webmaster Tools allows us to communicate to the search engines. We tell the search engines your site exists. They tell us if they find any broken links or if the site has been compromised. We notify the search engines once any issues have been resolved and ask them to check the site again.

WWW Redirect

If you type in and it doesn’t redirect to (or vise versa), the search engines recognize each as a separate domain, spreading page traffic to two different sites instead of one, which can greatly hurt your page rank.

Resolve Broken Links

During the redesign process, link structures may change (ex: may become for SEO purposes). So, it’s important to confirm the old links redirect to the new links and that the search engines are aware of these link changes.

SEO Setup is strongly recommend for new sites and redesigned sites, but it is just one phase of Search Engine Optimization.Beyond letting the search engines know you exist, there are a variety of factors that determine a site’s page rank, which is where a strategic marketing plan and ongoing SEO efforts come into play. We’d be happy to discuss these factors and what we can do to help improve your page rank in more detail. Call us today!