Selling Through Amazon

Today, business owners have more options than ever when it comes to where and how to sell products online. Amazon has proved to be one of the largest online retailers that is known and trusted amongst users. Selling products through Amazon’s great back-end infrastructure takes the hassle out of setting everything up yourself, from dealing with tax collection to inventory tracking.

Why sell through Amazon?

Amazon offers two different selling plans, with the flexibility to sell one product or one thousand, offering competitive pricing that fits your needs. The Professional Plan gives you the opportunity to sell unlimited products and pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. If you select the Individual Plan, you pay no monthly fees but instead pay $0.99 per item that is sold.

The company also offers Fulfillment by Amazon (or FBA), which handles customer service and returns, storage, free shipping for Amazon Prime members, and a single place where you can streamline your fulfillment operations. You can reach a greater customer base through Amazon Prime members with the benefit of Amazon offering free shipping for your items.

Why Self-Distribution might be a better option

While there are numerous benefits of using Fulfillment by Amazon, you may make the decision to use self-distribution. If your online sales volume isn’t huge, you may find the DIY approach as a better solution. Self-distribution provides you control over packing and shipping your products, allowing you to add personal touches to the shipment. This can be through a Thank You note in the package, prompting the recipient to post a picture on social media, to customizing your labels or shipping boxes to build your brand.
If you decide to self-distribute, there are thousands of independent fulfillment companies across the US that can pack and ship your orders or store your products until they are ready to be sent out. Small and local fulfillment companies can offer the personal touch if you are looking to build personal relationships with your vendors and/or customers.


Amazon is an excellent, and affordable option if you are looking to sell products to a larger audience, whether you go with their FBA or decide to self-distribute. Which option is best for you depends on your business and how many products you’re wanting to sell. If you are looking to expand your selling efforts and need more assistance getting set up on Amazon, contact Tree Ring Digital today!