Affiliate Marketing is a form of marketing based on the premise of referring or recommending other companies services or products. Through Affiliate Marketing, you can earn a commission for leads, sales, or impressions that you direct to that company.

Why does Affiliate Marketing Matter?:

Affiliate Marketing is a great and simple way to earn money by referring products and services your clients can benefit from. There is not a limit to the amount of money you can earn from using an affiliate program – it just depends on which program you are promoting and how much you are making on commission.

An example of affiliate marketing would be an Accountant who recommends QuickBooks to their clients when asked about a good software to keep their books. If you, the accountant, sign up for QuickBook’s affiliate program, you can make money each time you refer a client to QuickBooks. Now you’re making some additional income, recommending a service you’d normally be recommending any way, without having to offer additional products or services yourself.

How to Implement Affiliate Marketing:

Implementing Affiliate Marketing, in a basic sense, can be summed up in a few steps:

1. Sign up for the affiliate program for the company, product, or service you want to recommend.
2. You place links and/or ads throughout your website, email blasts, etc. which the affiliate program provides.
2. People purchase services and/or products using the links you provided.
3. You are paid a commission for these purchases.

Tracking Leads

Upon being approved for the affiliate program, you will receive a unique tracking URL. Once you have your tracking URL, you can use it throughout your website, blog, or any other outlet you are using for marketing when you write about that affiliate company/product. If your readers end up buying anything or signing up, this URL will be able to track it and you will receive a commission.

While not all companies offer an affiliate program, you can always check through their website or through Google. There is no charge for using an affiliate program

In Conclusion:

Affiliate Marketing, if done right, can earn you a commission and add value to your business in services you don’t typically offer. If you have any additional questions regarding Affiliate Marketing, feel free to contact Tree Ring Digital today!