Instagram is a social media platform that consists of photos and videos. Much like Facebook, you have a profile and newsfeed that users can scroll through. When you post a photo or video on your account, other users who are following you will see what you have posted on their newsfeed. You can follow others and see what they have posted as well.

You have the option to add Hashtags to your photos and videos, as well as location tags, which tell your followers where the image or video was taken.

Who is on Instagram?

Instagram recently reached 500 million users, which makes it a great tool to add to your social marketing efforts. Over 60% of users login in on a daily basis, making it the second most engaged network after Facebook. Not only that, it is reported that 30% of Internet users are now on Instagram.

Instagram is a great platform to reach an audience geared towards millennial and mobile users. It is estimated that 90% of users are under the age of 35. It is not just millennials that use this popular social media platform though. Around 48% of Brands and Companies are on Instagram and use it as an invaluable tool to reach a larger audience.

Why should businesses use Instagram?

Over 1 third of Instagram users have used their mobile devices to purchase a product online which makes them 70% more likely to do so than non-users. By posting, you can tap into this large percentage of online shoppers and direct them to your business. Not only that, there has been a staggering amount of engagement from simply adding a Location tag to your images. Around 50% of Instagram users follow brands, so it is important to make sure you have a presence on Instagram.

How do I use Instagram?

1. Download the app on your smartphone

This is best for the owner or manager to do initially. Employees will need login details to access the account from their phones.

2. Choose a username

Choose a name that is the same or compliments the names of your other social platforms. Consistency across platforms is important.

3. Connect with friends

Instagram will show you all of the contacts in your phone that are currently on Instagram. Start connecting with them.

4. Attract followers

Cross promote your username on your website & other social channels to drive current followers to your account. Using multiple hashtags will attract those that are interested in what you’re posting but may not have heard of your business before.

5. Start posting images and/or videos daily

To keep users engaged, be sure to post consistently as this will help to start building out your user account. Post images with promotions, images of the business, products, team, or anything else you would like to visually share with your customers.


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With Instagram becoming increasingly essential for digital marketing, make sure to have an account set up for your business. If you still have questions or would like some assistance setting up or managing your Instagram account for your business, Tree Ring Digital would love to help! Contact us today at 303-218-5287.