Rich snippets for users:

If you do a Google search for almost anything, you will notice that not all results look the same. Some are very basic, while others have additional elements that make them stand out:


These extra elements are rich snippets and they don’t appear by chance; someone put some thought and work into adding structure data to that web page’s content in order to make those extra tidbits appear, hoping to snag your attention.

Rich snippets for search engines:

If you notice that the listings with rich snippets also appear at the top of the page…that’s no coincidence. There’s more to those extra bits than what’s visible to you; they are coded to be visible to machines as well. When implemented correctly, they help search engines like Google understand what’s on the web page. Adding structure data to your web content is one more way to improve your Google search ranking.

What types of content can have rich snippets?

  • Products: Rich snippets add elements like pricing, inventory, offers and review stars.
  • Recipes: Rich snippets add elements like cook time, food image and review stars.
  • Reviews: Rich snippets add elements like review stars and review rating.
  • Events: Rich snippets add details for one or more upcoming events, including event name, date/time and location.
  • Software Apps: Rich snippets add elements like offers, logo, pricing and aggregate rating.
  • Videos: Rich snippets add elements like thumbnails, video length and upload date/time.
  • Articles: Rich snippets add elements like images, headline and publish date.

Each of these different types of content has a different set of rules for setting up structure data that must be followed in order to see your web page rise in search results and appear with rich snippets. This is one of the more technical SEO processes. If you would like the assistance of a professional to make your Google listings the best they can be, we’d love to help. Contact Adroit Creative Solutions today: 303-218-5287