New Year, Same Pandemic!


“January looks forward to the new year and back to the old year. He sees past and future.” ―M.L. Stedman

We made it! Can you believe it? 2020 is behind us! But, like the quote above indicates, it is a little hard to get a running start on the new year when we’re still fighting the pandemic and there are…uncomfortable things going on in D.C. 

But, we carry on. We take the necessary precautions, we try to have some fun, and take care of ourselves and one another as we adjust. Here are some things to do virtually that sound like they’ll be quite a lot of fun. They’re also great examples of organizations that have made the changes they’ve needed to in order to reach their audiences who are stuck at home. 

Does your business need help switching to a more virtual-forward model? Tree Ring Digital specializes in that. Call us! We’re friendly, and we can help. 

  1. Dim Sum Date Night (several nights scheduled) Learn step by step how to make your OWN DIM SUM-while sipping on sake in the comfort of your own home. Classes are held Via Zoom. You can follow along, ask questions and interact with the chef and your classmates. Zoom invitations will be sent through email.
  2. Virtual Beer Tasting of Denver’s Top Beers (schedule your own virtual group)  In this 90 minute interactive team building activity, your guide will walk you and your coworkers through everything you need to know to become a beer expert. You’ll learn about craft beer from a professional guide, see how beer is made at a local Denver brewery, and learn some scandalous Denver history.  This is a hands on experience; guests will be encouraged to share their thoughts about each beer, and ask questions at any point as they come up! 
  3. Whiskey & Cigar Pairings  jan 24 Join us for an exciting and educational evening with Meagan Miller,  co-founder of Talnua Distillery, and Perrie Morgan, Denver Tobacconist of Palmas Cigars! Meagan and Perrie will lead you through a lively discussion of their crafts, women in the alcohol and tobacco industries, a cigar rolling demonstration, and the beautiful pairings of Talnua whiskey and Palmas cigars.
  4.  Agents and ’artners Peter Miles Bergman and Heather Link-Bergman Wed, January 27, 2021 Join ‘artners Peter Miles Bergman and Heather Link-Bergman for a conversation in which they discuss their respective training and individual approaches to making as well as their ‘artnership.
  5. Nature Writing with Lighthouse – ONLINE Saturday, January 16, 2021 – 9:00 AM Ticket Selection In these informal writing sessions, meet with Lighthouse Writers Workshop instructor Mary Harpin once a month via Zoom. Discuss a theme connected to writing in the outside world and work with writing prompts. For part of the session, head outside to write, then return to share your work. A one-time-use pass to Denver Botanic Gardens is included with each month’s session. As part of this program, you’re invited to visit the Gardens and write outdoors. Ditch the screen! See where writing among the flora and fauna takes you.
  6. MLK Marade Jan 18 A virtual version of the annual celebration of MLK Jr.
  7. 2021 Self-Care Reboot – ONLINE Did the year 2020 crash your system? Take some time to unplug and consider the way forward. So often we go through life just repeating the same old habits whether they work for us or not. Are you languishing in your comfort zone, doing the daily slog, or enriching your life with new challenges, going against the  “norm”  to follow your own unique path? This 3 Part Virtual Series hosted by Denver Botanic Gardens.