“The first of April is the day we remember what we are the other 364 days of the year.” – Mark Twain

Leave it to Mark Twain to hit the nail on its foolish head when it comes to April Fools’ day (and by the way, that is the correct spelling. I looked it up.). But right now, after whatever all that was (gestures at 2020), it’s spring and the days are getting longer and people are getting vaccinated…I can’t stop grinning, and I don’t mind feeling a bit foolish. 

A year later, we’re still doing a (primarily) virtual things-to-do list each month, but the end is nigh! There’s change in the air. Does your business need a spring refresh to match the mood? Tree Ring Digital specializes in that. Call us! We’re friendly, and we can help. 

  1. The Inheritance – Dairy Arts Center: Virtual cinema starting March 12 – After nearly a decade exploring different facets of the African diaspora — and his own place within it — Ephraim Asili makes his feature-length debut with The Inheritance, an astonishing ensemble work set almost entirely within a West Philadelphia house where a community of young, Black artists and activists form a collective. A scripted drama of characters attempting to work towards political consensus — based partly on Asili’s own experiences in a Black liberationist group — weaves with a documentary recollection of the Philadelphia liberation group MOVE, the victim of a notorious police bombing in 1985. Ceaselessly finding commonalities between politics, humor, and philosophy, with Black authors and radicals at its edges, The Inheritance is a remarkable film about the world as we know it.
  2. Levitt in Your Living Room: Free, live concerts by big-name acts streaming in my living room? Don’t mind if I do!
  3. Longmont Museum and Cultural Center – Home: One of the silver linings of the pandemic has been that a lot more virtual programming has been available. The Longmont Museum is no exception, with a Virtual Art & Sip on Wednesday nights at 7:30 and The Longmonster on Thursdays at 7:30. “What’s The Longmonster?! It’s a late-night style talk show featuring local folks sharing what they do, how they do it, and what it means to be doing it here. Hosted by the Manager of the Stewart Auditorium, Justin Veach, and featuring the musical stylings of Dave Tamkin & Co”.
  4. Virtual Stage — Wagner: The Ring without Words: Richard Wagner’s The Ring of the Nibelung notoriously takes days to perform in its entirety. But a unique treatment created by conductor and composer Lorin Maazel distills the work into a form that is moving and enjoyable in just one sitting! Relive this breathtaking 2018 performance from your Colorado Symphony which includes an introduction of the leitmotifs and sequences of Wagner’s Ring cycle from Music Director Brett Mitchell and the orchestra. This is an illuminating and rare performance of The Ring that will resonate with audiences of all ages.
  5. Women+Film Festival – Denver Film: Now entering its 12th year, the Women+Film Festival celebrates outstanding cinema about and by females, and connects Colorado audiences to the filmmakers whose groundbreaking work examines the roles, challenges, and triumphs of women everywhere. Throughout a decade of programming, the Women+Film festival has featured more than 150 feature films, welcomed dozens of in-person guests, and partnered with cultural organizations throughout Denver.
  6. Black Oscars: From Mammy to Minny, What the Academy Awards Tell Us about African Americans Author Event: Second only to the Super Bowl in audience size and revenue, the Oscars are more than a mere ceremony; they are a phenomenon. Hosted by The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for over ninety years, the Oscars have long been considered the pinnacle of fantasy, beauty, romance and high class. They are eagerly anticipated and are heavily discussed. It is only recently that movements such as #OscarsSoWhite have raised awareness around the more complicated legacy of the Oscars and African American participation in film. Join us as we take a look “behind the scenes” at racial patterns for African Americans that have both changed and stayed the same over time. After this presentation, you will NEVER see the Oscars the same way again!
  7. Scream Screen Presents: Welcome to Amityville – Film 1 | Scream Screen Presents: Welcome to Amityville | Denver Film: Join host Theresa Mercado for four of the spookiest selections from the 20+ films in the Amityville franchise, available to watch via Eventive ANYTIME starting Thursday 4/22 at 7pm (MST) through Sunday 4/25 at 11:45pm. Theresa will be presenting the surprise Amityville films “live” from Colorado’s haunted Black Monarch Hotel…if she can survive overnight!
  8. Denver Art Museum Untitled: Creative Fusions at Home: Untitled: Creative Fusions at Home is a quarterly collaboration with local artists and creatives to create an evening full of events, performances, experimentation, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Throughout the night, artists showcase their work while providing a hands-on and engaging atmosphere. Due to the pandemic, Untitled: Creative Fusions events are now livestreamed through Facebook and YouTube, where viewers are able to watch the program from the comfort of their homes.