The Tree Ring Digital team is so incredibly proud of our founder and CEO, Paige Wiese. On October 3rd,  she and 5 other leaders in the Colorado LGBTQ+ community were honored at The 22nd Annual Power Gala: A Red Carpet Affair , presented by the Colorado LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and Out Front Foundation. 

Now, if you know Tree Ring Digital, you know Paige. She’s energetic & smart, ambitious  & kind, and for those of us who work for her, she’s not only our boss, she’s truly our leader. You can read more about Paige here, and in several places on our blog. 

While Paige is our favorite of the six 2020 Power Winners (we may be biased), she and our team want to use today’s blog to tell you about the Power Award itself, and the five other powerful winners. 

The Award

The Power Award is given annually to select members of the Colorado LGBTQ community for their “tireless and necessary work for queer folks across the state.” It’s awarded by the CO LGBTQ Chamber of Commerce and The Out Front Foundation, and its honorees are celebrated at the Denver Power Gala

The 2020 Winners

Full disclosure: We’re quoting liberally from the latest Out Front magazine here. It’s all about the winners, and we encourage you to check it out! 

  • Paige Wiese

Founder & CEO of Tree Ring Digital. But you know that. 

According to Denny Patterson (writing in the aforementioned Out Front issue), “Hailing from the Mile High City, Yvie Oddly is the innovative and revolutionary drag queen who captured the world’s attention after competing on the 11th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race and ultimately winning.” Patterson continues, “Not only is she a self-proclaimed weirdo who goes for the shock factor, we also cannot deny that she is fierce.” 

  • Liz Sinclair

Addison Herron-Wheeler writes, “In Grand Junction, there is one queer bar to gather in for miles around, and that bar is Charlie Dwellingtion’s. While yes, it is a bar, it is also a cultural hub for everything from Black Live Matter protest organizations in the area to helping provide opportunities for children in theatre. And Liz Sinclair is the woman behind this action.” 

  • Dr. Jerrica Kirkley

In the Out Front article, Veronica L. Holyfield writes, “Kirkley is the co-founder of Plume, the cutting-edge telehealth app which provides life-saving, gender-affirming hormone therapy (HRT) treatment to trans and gender-variant individuals.”

The Alexander Foundation is being celebrated for its unwavering financial support for LGBTQ folx in Colorado. In the Foundation’s Out Front profile, written by Addison Herron-Wheeler, Chairperson Alexander Lemas says, ‘I think we here in The Alexander Foundation are powerful because of the passion that keeps our organization running. We’ve been around for 39 years, and we’ve always been volunteer-run, so nobody is ever paid to do the work that we do. We all have full-time jobs and do this in our free time.’”

Denny Patterson writes, “For the past three years, CHEER Colorado has been raising spirits a mile high. Part of the Pride Cheerleading Association, a network of adult cheer teams that support local LGBTQ charities and perform at various Prides and the international Gay Games, CHEER Colorado picks a primary beneficiary each year to (whom they’ll) make a substantial donation.” Patterson adds, “CHEER Colorado was founded by Lindsay Miller…who served as the organization’s executive director and brought CHEER Colorado’s mission to life in various ways.” 

This is a truly amazing collection of people!

At Tree Ring Digital, we’re so proud of Paige, and humbled to work for someone who is named among such illustrious company. 

Want to put Paige’s skills (and those of her team) to work for your business? Give us a call. Let’s talk about what we can do for you.