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How to Avoid Your Website from Getting Hacked

I’m just a little website, storing no customer data. Why would I get hacked? Hackers aren’t necessarily targeting you specifically. They’ve created a program that will scan the Internet for files they know are outdated and/or accessible. Once they’ve identified these files, the program will add harmful code to the file. Why should I worry?…

domain authority

What is Domain Authority? – Demystifying the World of Tech

Domain Authority is a score developed by Moz that predicts how well your website ranks on search engines. It is scored based on a 100-point scale that helps you to calculate based on three factors: Age, Popularity and Size. Domain Authority is one of the single most important metrics you need to understand the health…

digital marketing

Digital Marketing – Demystifying the World of Tech

Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or brands through any form of electronic media. Digital Marketing differs from the more traditional aspect of marketing in that it enables an business to analyze marketing campaigns in real time. This helps business’ understand which marketing efforts are working online and which are not. The most popular…

services page

What Goes On Your Services Page

A Services page should outline important content about what your company offers to its customers. There are a few key elements that the services page should outline to provide helpful information to the reader. The Services Your Services page needs to outline what it is your company does specifically. It should include all pertinent details…