How to Keep Blogging

Last month we posted the article: What’s the Magic Formula for a Blog, about the length and consistency of your blog posts. If you’ve taken the leap and started blogging, but are nervous about running out of relevant, interesting content, never fear! That’s just what we’ll address in this article. Generate relevant topics Customer Questions…

Offset vs Digital Printing

Offset vs. Digital Printing: Which is Better?

This continues to be a common question, and with good reason. When you move beyond the limits of a Xerox or home laser printer, the printing process becomes quite complicated. In general, it’s not easy to say whether the offset or digital printing process is better, but on an individual project level, one will likely…

Wordpress Update

Why Ignoring the Oh, So Frequent WordPress Update is Detrimental to Us All

You probably didn’t think twice about protecting your brand new WordPress site by installing the first WordPress update…and the second…and maybe the third. But, once you realized a new update would be released nearly every week, it may have become easier to shrug them off. This is a common, but dangerous response. Before rolling your…