A delicate, approachable website for an infant Education, Consultation, and Research organization

Client: Feeding Fundamentals

Category: Pediatric Professional Education

WordPress Website Development
Logo Design
Graphic Design

Feeding Fundamentals was in search of a well-crafted website that could guide both professionals and parents in the art of feeding infants. With careful consideration of the diverse populations that would be visiting the website, we agreed that a website redesign that visually aligned with their mission and was also easy to navigate would be best suited. Once the website was in place, we continued to work with them as we developed online product pages for their continuing education programs as well as set up a WooCommerce and LearnDash system to ensure accurate billing and online education accreditation. Additionally, we designed Feeding Fundamentals certificates to show proof of earned accredited hours for professionals acquiring continuing education credits.

With all of this in place, we developed and executed a strategic SEO plan in order to drive consistent traffic to the niche organization’s finely tuned website.

When I created a website for my business, I had no idea how quickly it would grow and evolve. The team at Tree Ring completely redesigned it last year and it was beyond my expectations! Paige is a genius at problem-solving and believe me, we have thrown some problems at her. A big thank you to her team for being so responsive, efficient and patient. I highly recommend Tree Ring!

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