Mobile-friendly Websites Are Not Optional

By 2019 it is estimated that mobile devices will account for 79 percent of all web traffic. If your website is not mobile-friendly there will be consequences.

Mobile devices are designed for convenience. Users should be able to connect with others, research information and find what they need while on the go.

Someone who is out shopping and feels like they need a cup of coffee does not drive around until they find a coffee shop. They don’t go home first to get on the computer or check the phone book. The majority of consumers get on their smartphone or tablet and look up the nearest coffee shop.

Mobile Research = No Surprises

The average consumer does not want their shopping experience to be a surprise. Especially when it comes to eating establishments such as restaurants, breweries, coffee shops, etc. They want to know what they are getting into before they step in the door. Information like menu items, cost, and atmosphere can be big deciding factors.

If there are two coffee shops that come up in their search results and one website is easier to use on their smartphone or a little more polished, it probably won’t matter how good the coffee is. Knowledge is power and if the information is hard to get to, the customer is likely to visit the establishment they have more information about.

According to Google, 61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site
they had trouble accessing, and 40% visit a competitor’s site instead.

All About Mobile-Friendly

The world moves quickly, and your potential user will decide in a matter of seconds whether they should continue to stay on your site. One slow loading or hard to find feature could make or break them walking through your door.

Mobile-friendly websites have become such a big deal that Google has even said that it will crawl mobile sites now prior to desktops. This means that mobile compatibility is a large factor in how the Google Algorithm ranks websites.

Basic Attributes of a Mobile-Friendly Website

  • Loads quickly
  • Content fits screen
  • Clear call to action buttons
  • Simple navigation menu
  • Easy to find search bar
  • Simple homepage

Make Mobile Advertising Work for You

Geofencing is the concept of delivering push notification advertisements to potential customers depending on their location. There location is determined by their mobile device.

This strategy is best used for brick and mortar businesses such as restaurants, breweries, retail stores, and other places with a door that you walk into. It is a great way to deliver timely and relevant coupons and special offers to people who are in proximity or mindset to react to them.

But first and foremost, your website needs to be mobile-friendly or those leads just will not convert and you’re wasting money.

Not sure where to start? Contact the experienced team at Tree Ring Digital to develop your mobile-friendly website and start seeing those leads convert.