Marketing is a visual business. Whether you’re working on a website, digital ad, blog article, or social media post, you’re going to need images to attract the attention of potential clients…and not just any image will do. Quality is important and, whenever possible, we recommend utilizing the talents and high quality equipment of a professional photographer; they can provide beautiful, unique images that will help your business stand out. (Learn more about how imagery impact business). However, we understand that not every project or post warrants the cost and time involved in hiring out professional photography.

Stock photography gets a bad rap, but if you do not have a knack for photography, a professional quality camera or the budget to pay a photographer, stock photography can be a quick, low cost way to add visual interest to your content. With the right resources and the ability to select the right image, there are some instances in which stock photos can serve you well.

Where to use:

  • Social media posts
  • Blog posts
  • Emails/newsletters

*Please note that we do not recommend using stock photos in any way that could be misleading to customers. For instance, professional photographs should be used to represent your actual products or menu items. Be sure to follow the usage guidelines provided by the image source, as well.

Select images that are:

  • High quality and professional looking
  • Current, not dated (especially if the image contains people)
  • Accurate representations of the affiliated content or subject matter
  • Appropriately sized and shaped (or able to be adjusted before adding to your content)
  • Interesting to your viewers

Where to find quality images:

We’ve had great luck with a few of these 7 sources recommended by Entrepreneur:

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