Ecommerce marketers all too often underrate the importance of product descriptions. Words speak volumes, especially when the potential customer cannot actually touch, hold, or try on the product being sold. A well written product description uses unique and impactful language that is easy to read and visually appealing.

Entice and Convince

The art of enticing a consumer to purchase a product starts with having a product that they potentially need or want. Descriptions should explain the benefits of the product including when and how it would be used. Useful situations should be broad or common enough to make the product appealing to a wide audience within your demographic.

Without being able to touch the product or see it in person, it is crucial that your descriptions accurately convey the details of the item. If you are selling fuzzy slippers, how to do they feel on your feet? They probably feel like you are walking on air, and the cute bunny on the front of each slipper is sure to brighten your day every time you wear them.

The Product Description Should:

  • Describe the physical attributes of the product (size, color)
  • Explain why you would want and/or need it (functionality and practical life uses, situational if the space allows)
  • Give emotional trigger descriptions (the most comfortable thing you have ever worn, feels like walking on air, sure to generate smiles)
  • Relieve buyers guilt hesitation for spending money (one of life’s little comforts, your feet will thank you)
  • Unique Content

    It is easy to copy and paste the manufacturer’s description if you are a getting your product from a wholesaler. Don’t do that. That description is not meant to appeal to the same audience as yours. The other reason is that the Google algorithm does not like duplicate content and this could lower your page rank. Copy and paste could be very counterproductive for your SEO efforts. You are also wanting to make your product stand out from other, similar products and copying and pasting doesn’t do that.


    It is extremely important that your ecommerce product descriptions appear professional. Misspelling, poor grammar, and awkward formatting are not going to convince a customer to trust you enough to make a purchase from you.

    Tips for Creating Ecommerce Product Descriptions

  • Less is more. Say the most with the least. No one wants to read a full paragraph about bunny slippers.
  • Use bullets. Bullet point lists allow for better readability and force you to define your points.
  • Proofread. Sometimes spell check alone is not enough.
  • Ensuring Product Descriptions are Spot On

    There is a lot to think about when creating ecommerce product descriptions. These words can make or break a sale. The content development team at Tree Ring Digital can help you generate words that speak directly to your target audience. Contact us to get started.