Social Media Platform

When looking for you social media match, you need to consider the pros and cons of each platform to determine what will be the best platform to reach your audience. Many companies invest a lot of time into specific a social media platform that can turn out with mediocre results which is why you need to pinpoint which one works with your company, not against it. We have included the most popular social media platforms and their specific advantages and disadvantages.


There are 310 million monthly active users on Twitter today. Twitter is highly interactive which is great for getting quick feedback from your audience. However, there is so much content on Twitter that you have to frequently update your account in order to stay on top. You have the option to retweet and share other user’s content and use hashtags to boost your posts. If you have the time and energy to be constantly on Twitter and posting tweets, this might be a good platform to run with.

We tend to recommend Twitter to those who are public figures, branding themselves, or involved in pop culture.


Facebook is the most popular platform to date with one billion users. It lets you reach a larger audience than any other platform. It provides analytics to keep track of your success and has the option for paid advertising. You need to make sure that your company has a brand to present, as there are so many companies on Facebook that yours can be easily be overlooked. The goal is to have your clients/customers share your business page, content, or goods and services on their wall, which then shares it with with their 338 (on average) friends.

We tend to recommend Facebook to those who are targeting individuals with families, household owners, or the general consumer.


Instagram has 500 million users and is great for reaching a younger audience and mobile users. You are able to post photos and videos to reach your audience, allowing for a more visual representation of your company and what you do. With the power of hashtags, Instagram is a great way to reach those that may not know about your business, but are interested in what you offer. There are options for paid advertising which will help increase your exposure as well.

We tend to recommend Instagram to most businesses as they can take photos on their own and gain exposure for their business.

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Similar to Instagram, Pinterest is a visual social media platform. It consists of bulletin boards where users can “Pin” content they like to their board. You can categorize each board you create. It is a very low-maintenance platform but you have to be able to keep your boards search-friendly and organized. While it originated as a do-it-yourself platform, it has progressed into trends and interests. Its audience mainly consists of women so it’s great for companies such as clothing brands, beauty, or food. We’ve seen an increase in holistic and natural remedies being pinned.

We tend to recommend Pinterest to those businesses in the health and wellness, culinary, beauty, fashion, and home furnishing industries.


Snapchat has become increasingly popular especially amongst millennials. You are able to post snippets of video and add filters and words to your content. If you are using Snapchat, you need to be able to post intriguing, fun videos for your audience while keeping things short and to the point you’re trying to make. There are unique ways businesses can capitalize on the popularity of Snapchat.

Before You Start

Some questions you might ask yourself before choosing a platform that works for you might be:

What’s your business focus? (industry, niche, vertical)
What is your target audience? (geographic area, age, income, race, gender)
How much time do you want to put into an individual platform?
Do you have someone that could be dedicated to handling your social media platform?
What is your social media engagement and conversational style?
What kind of content do you have to present?
Is your brand established and able to get the point across?

Your time is valuable. Don’t waste it in the wrong social media platform. Let our experts create a strategic plan to help you succeed with your social media efforts.