Facebook Recommendations

Facebook is the most popular platform to date with one billion users. It lets you reach a larger audience than any other platform. Facebook recently added a new feature that allows its users to ask friends or family for recommendations. Many people use Facebook to ask for recommendations on places to eat, services, or products. Users are more likely to trust those recommendations from friends and family over Yelp or Foursquare.

How does it work?

There are three different options in which to access and request recommendations:

    1. Ask specific friends for a recommendation. A new button lets users ask their Facebook friends for a recommendation. When a user clicks on the “ask” button, a box pops up where that user can request a recommendation for topics such as movies, restaurants, businesses, etc.
    2. Receive recommendations from all friends through posts. Ask friends for recommendations by selecting the option to turn on the Recommendations feature for an individual post. Once turned on, your friends can comment on that post with suggestions, which then will be mapped out and saved all in one place.
    3. Access all recommendations and help others with their recommendations. Select the Recommendations bookmark on Facebook, which can only be accessed through desktop, in which you can ask a new question or help your friends.

Users will also be able to access recommendations by typing in things such as, “I’m looking for”, “Recommendations”, or “Where can I find” into the status bar. Upon posting, it will display the map and they will be prompted to choose what location. This way it can be a local recommendation or if they are traveling, recommendations will populate for the area they are in.

From there, users can begin recommending and Facebook will tag and mark on the map as appropriate.

Why this is good for your business?

When friends or family make recommendations, they have the option to add direct links to business pages. This makes it easier than ever to have a direct link to your business and business page. Consumers are more likely to purchase from those they know, like and trust which gives more weight to the recommendation.

You will want to make sure your business has a Facebook Page and the correct information (i.e. hours, address, phone number) in order for others to find you when making recommendations. Once this is setup, anyone has the ability to make a recommendation for your business.

If you have any questions or need help launching your business on Facebook, contact Tree Ring Digital today!