Reputation Marketing

More people are turning to reviews when trying to make a decision than ever before. How does your business rate?

Studies show that people buy from those they know, like, and trust. If they don’t know where to go for a product or service, than they’re going to trust the reviews of others.

Lets say you’re looking for a restaurant to try. There are hundreds of options in town so we start to narrow it in to a specific location, maybe even cuisine. At this point, one is either going to go with a restaurant they’ve heard a friend or family member mention before OR look at the reviews and make a decision.

If your business doesn’t have any reviews, potential customers are going to look right past you. They need to know that others had a good experience and enjoyed the food before possibly ruining their night.

How do I generate reviews?

Asking clients to leave a review is dreadful.
Getting them to actually leave a review is rare.
Making sure they leave a great review is nerve wracking.

Our reputation marketing services will take the hassle and guess work out of the equation. We contact your clients for you, request feedback, and prompt happy customers to leave a review on the review platform of their choice. In the rare case that a customer is unhappy, we ask them additional questions so that you can resolve the issue internally. Because our system is so simple to use, customers have left a review before they even realize it.

With the number of reviews increasing, potential customers begin to trust you, referrals are backed by other happy customers, search engines begin to rank you higher, and more people find out about you.

Voila, reputation marketing at it’s finest