What is Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website is one that adjusts its layout to best fit the screen it’s being viewed on. Effective responsive website design and development allows a website to provide the same functional, user-friendly experience seamlessly from one device to the next, whether it be a PC, laptop, smart phone, tablet, notebook, TV and devices of the future.

A non-responsive website may look great and function perfectly on a PC, but when viewed on the small screen of a smart phone, it will be very tiny and hard to navigate. It may be difficult for a fingertip to select just one link at a time or might require the user to zoom way in for text to be readable, then require lots of scrolling in order to view all of the content.

Although it may seem effortless to the user, it takes conscious design and skilled development to create a website that appears to be custom built for both a PC screen and a phone screen…and everything between.

Need a brand new site that will stand the test of time?

We have the tools and capabilities to design and develop a new site with responsive needs in mind. With each new way to access the internet, comes a different set of design specifications required to fit a unique screen size and device capability. The ability for your website to be easily adjusted will prove invaluable and the most promising way to ensure that your site is ready for the technological developments that lie ahead is by establishing a responsive-friendly structure right from the beginning.

Not sure if your existing website is responsive…or responsive enough?

If you have had a website up and running for a while, it wouldn’t hurt to test it out on a variety of devices to make sure it is keeping up with trends in technology and remains user-friendly, no matter how it may be accessed. We can assess the current functionality of your site, implement any necessary updates, and even execute a complete redesign, if your site was not originally designed to be responsive.

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