What are you doing to protect your investment?

You’ve spent a pretty penny to have your website looking professional and to be visible when users are searching for you. What are you doing to confirm this is always the case?

The number of hacked websites is on the rise, so it’s important to be proactive in protecting your website on a regular basis. If someone clicks on your website and it’s been hacked or isn’t displaying, it reflects poorly on your business and loses trust with new and existing customers.

If you are hacked, it will drop your page rank as the search engines are not going to put a hacked website up on the top of the search results. You will have lost all of our hard work on SEO and need to work harder to boost it back up again and gain back the trust. It could take us a month to do it could take 6 months to do, its all up to the search engines with what happens if it gets hacked and how long it goes unnoticed.

Be proactive and start protecting your website and marketing efforts.

Website Maintenance

Site Monitoring

When is the last time you visited your website? Would you know if your site was down or not displaying properly? Most hosting companies may know if the server is down, but won’t necessarily notify you. They are definitely not monitoring your site to make sure it hasn’t been hacked. Clients tend to find out through an existing client, if they even take the time to contact them.

Our 27/7 site monitoring services will notify you if your site is down, hacked, or any other changes have occurred and making sure your site is working properly when customers are trying to find you.

Site Backups

This creates a restore point so we know we’ve got a good, and recent, copy of your website so if your site goes down, we have a spot we can go back to. Typically, this back up is most likely 6 months old or older. Changes could have been made, new orders placed or new users signed up to name a few examples. Updates to plugins and WordPress aren’t always compatible and what seems to be a simple click could just as easily break your site, displaying error messages instead of your attractive website. By doing a regular backup, it allows us to know that we won’t lose months of work, time making changes, customer information, or site functionality.

If a client has mad changes on their own and the site gets hacked, we don’t have any record of any of this. We have to go back to the the last restore point and redo all of the work. Imagine if you’ve been blogging weekly for 6 months and they all disappeared. All of this work would need to be redone. We don’t create backups every time we make changes to your site as it isn’t always necessary.

We are trying to create a stronger restore point so that you don’t lose and have to repay for that work you already paid for us to complete or that you did on your own time. It’s going to save you money in the long run.

WordPress and Plugin updates

Each outdated plugin opens up your site to be vulnerable and insecure. That is when your site is prone to getting hacked. The longer these plugins have been outdated, the more prone you are because there are bots that use a specific computer program that scans and searches through all the files and finds one plugin and uses that to access your site. That’s why we need to stay on top of those updates.

WordPress and WordPress plugins have had more updates, more frequently, minor and big. That’s why we will pay more attention on a monthly basis. This is helpful because it helps the performance of the site, its going to work faster if we are staying up to date, we will make sure that everything is working properly on your site, sometimes the code on the server might change and so that’s going to affect how your plugins are operating. But again, if we are not monitoring your site we don’t know that something has changed and if we’re not updating regularly, we don’t know when, why, or what broke.

Updating these plugins in a controlled environment also allows us to be able to begin resolving the issue right away.

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