Geo Fencing

Take your marketing to a whole new level!

Our Geofencing services allow you to target ads to users based on their location. This method of marketing is especially effective for retail, restaurants and other businesses with brick and mortar locations. The intricacies of geofencing technology can quickly become overwhelming, but it really works with 3 basic steps:

1. Build a virtual fence around a geographical location.

This part requires careful strategy. Sure, we can set up a radius within a certain distance of your business location, but anyone can do that. We’ll help you think outside the box to locate your potential customers.

2. Pinpoint potential customers.

Who is a potential customer? It could be someone who’s been to your website or location before. Maybe they’ve been shopping around at competitors’ locations. Perhaps they fall within a certain demographic. We can use all of this information to target your ideal customer. Whoever it is, they’re ready to buy and they’re right where you want them.

3. Send the right ad to the right person at the right time.

It doesn’t get more targeted than that! Pull your target customers away from a competing location with a sale they can’t resist. Alert foot traffic of a happy hour or flash sale as they’re walking by. Once they’re inside, inform customers of your daily specials to help them make a decision. We’ll create ads that make sense for customers based on their location.