You have written an amazing literary masterpiece and it is sure to be a bestseller!
Unfortunately, being a successful writer requires more than just literary brilliance.

Establish Your Brand

In a digital age, having a strong online presence is essential for recognition and marketability. As an author, you are your own brand. Consumers who enjoy a particular brand will often seek out additional information on that brand. Websites rank much higher than social media such as Facebook and Twitter when it comes to book or author searches. Having a website also provides the option to control your message and design the experience you want your reader to have.

The Need for Author Websites Substantiated

Author WebsitesIn a study done by The Codex Group publishing company, to better understand the effectiveness of author websites, the publishing company found;

“Once you have invested the time and energy into getting a book published it is a big drawback if you can’t be found online.”

The study, which involved nearly 21,000 book shoppers, revealed that the leading way most readers learn about and support their favorite authors is through visiting author websites. Of those surveyed, 7.5 percent of book shoppers had visited the website of their favorite author within the last week.

“Website visits translate directly to the number of books bought. Book shoppers who had visited an author website in the past week bought 38% more books, from a wider range of retailers, than those who had not visited an author site.”

Remaining Relevant After the Book Release

Once your book is on the shelves, whether they are actual or digital, the struggle becomes staying relevant amongst the competition.

Updating website content and using proper search engine optimization (SEO) techniques will keep you site popping up when potential readers are interested in your writing topic or genre.

Your website may also include multiple books, teasers for upcoming releases, unpublished scenes, alternate endings, stories from your personal life, and other content that keeps readers engaged and excited about your brand.

Our Author Website Services

As an author, your style and voice is what people what to experience. We understand your needs and are here to make that experience digitally available and marketable. Creating a custom website, developing content, and a strategic marketing plan specific to your ongoing needs is what we are here for.