Landing on a text-only web page is like traveling back in time. It’s boring, outdated and definitely not going to hold the modern user’s attention long enough to read all that you’ve put so much time into writing. Before even reading a word, users subconsciously form a judgment of your company based on the visual impact of your website. If your site has poor images or none at all, users are likely to move right along, especially if your competition’s got something pretty to look at. If a professional photographer just isn’t in the budget, at least consider seeking out a high quality stock photo.

No matter what type of business you run, it’s important for your website to have images, period. However, there are a few industries in which high quality images are really vital.

The Food Industry

Which restaurant would you rather eat at?

The first burrito photo is dark, drab. I’m sure it doesn’t do the actual product justice. The second photo is obviously much more vibrant and appetizing. The burrito looks fresh and filling.

Customers want to see what they will actually be served, and it’d better look good. So, images of food must be high quality, accurate representations of your menu. (This also applies to images of the interior of the food establishment, if you wish to display them).

Small Business

Which company do you trust?


The first site lists employee qualifications and the standards they are held to, which is great information, but the second site actually introduces you to their employees. Sharing photos and details about you and your employees is a great way for customers to feel like they know your company. This connection helps establish a sense of trust and is especially important if you provide a service at customer homes or if most of your business is conducted via phone or web.


Which online store would you order from?

The jumble of washed out  images make the first site feel more like an online marketplace, such as eBay or Craigslist…reminiscent of a messy closet. The images in the second site are evenly spaced, professionally lit and posed and have a consistent tone, making the site look clean and organized, like a boutique.

Assuming that the jackets from both sites were similar in style and price, most users would purchase from the second site because it appears to represent a more professional, put-together, trustworthy company with higher quality products.

Real Estate

Which home is more appealing?


Site 1


Site 2

It’s hard to believe, but both images are of the same home! In the first image, the eye is drawn to the wall of clutter, up to the plant above the door and down to the basket hanging from the doorknob, the dog bed and rug. None of these elements have anything to do with the home itself. In the second image, the lighting makes the home look so much warmer. The rug and wall clutter become secondary to features of the actual home, like the wood floors, recessed lighting, windows and layout.

In a fast market, buyers simply don’t have time to browse open houses or see every listed home in person. They have to pick through online listings as soon as they are posted and rely on the photos (or lack of photos) to weed out homes that aren’t worth their time. Professional website photos can make all the difference!

Looking for a photographer you can trust to provide great images for your site? Just ask…we’d be happy to refer one of the photographers we work with and trust.