Paige Wiese


Paige Wiese is the founder and CEO of Tree Ring Digital. Under her leadership, the agency has created and developed hundreds of websites and become one of the top-ranked marketing agencies in Denver, CO. She graduated from college with honors, earning a Bachelor’s degree in IT with a concentration in Website Design and she is a Mi Casa alumni. She’s used her education and intuition to develop her own unique vision of website design and digital marketing strategies. Paige and her company have been fulfilling the digital marketing needs of business owners  and organizations for over a decade.

Paige leads a team of nearly a dozen specialized professionals who use their individual skill sets to create successful marketing campaigns tailored to each client. She’s created a business structured around understanding the strengths and difficulties of each unique project, ultimately creating a product or strategy that will yield the most successful results.

In an effort to give back, she donates her time to the business community by teaching educational workshops, mentoring, and speaking engagements. Paige spends her personal time rock climbing, trail running, and enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors. She volunteers her time and services to organizations that support the community, she’s proud that her company is certified by the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce as an LGBT-owned business, and she’s a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.

Lani Langton


With over 20 years experience working in finance, consulting and coaching, Lani Langton’s life’s work is helping businesses thrive. She has seen nearly everything a small business can face and has worked to find solutions leading to their next level success. There is only one thing Lani can’t stand in business and that is failure. She deeply believes there are always opportunities to grow and to thrive. She has certainly been an integral part of Tree Ring Digital evolution and maturity.

Veronica Holyfield


Nothing helps an agency run smoother than an executive assistant who runs the show. Veronica Holyfield, Tree Ring Digital’s Jill-of-All-Trades, has extensive experience in media, marketing and management, and is passionate about stories and brand development. It is easy to see why Veronica is the perfect right-hand woman for Paige, she has the uncanny ability to make life easier. Great for us and for our clients. Veronica is a focused and passionate advocate for queer, marginalized, and underrepresented voices in our community, seeking opportunities to elevate their lives.

Janeshly Algarin


Successful projects result from careful planning, a talented team, and lots of fun. Having worked on a variety of projects spanning several industries, Janeshly Algarin has gathered key lessons to coordinate the day-to-day operations of any project. This variability proves to be a welcome challenge for her, and her favorite part of management is all the people she gets to connect with along the way. Janeshly has an MBA in International Business and a fervent passion for brand advocacy, consistently ensuring our clients’ websites and digital marketing always align with their core brand. Janeshly also earned a B.A. in Sustainability Studies and continues to be a fierce advocate for wildlife preservation.

Kyle Weidner


Along with his web design chops, our WordPress Developer Kyle Weidner has several years experience working as a full-stack developer. Kyle has developed virtually every type of website for businesses both large and small. Kyle earned his B.S. in Computer Science from Metropolitan State University of Denver then planted roots in Colorado mostly to continue pursuing his outdoor interests and get to a Red Rocks concert whenever possible.

Melissa McQueen


Melissa McQueen, our Website Development and Design specialist, thrives at the intersection where art meets function. With her extensive background in graphic design, web design and marketing, Melissa works to express a client’s brand through their website in a way that highlights and elevates their products and services. A Kansas native, Melissa moved to Colorado to photograph its beauty and explore hidden waterfalls. 

Nick Long


Longtime computer enthusiast Nick Long is Tree Ring Digital’s Website Hosting Support Specialist. From debugging code to graphic design, Nick masterly handles the necessary facets that keep our clients’ websites up-and-running. Our clients also appreciate his WordPress skills, as he deftly fuses design flair with UX functionality. Nick is easily at home in the digital realm, whether building websites or mixing drum and bass beats as he is comfortable in nature, with a yen for woodworking and mountain climbing.

Skylar Wisdom


Our Marketing Assistant Skylar Wisdom keeps the team on the forefront of the ever-shifting marketing world. He is a strategic, analytical thinker with a degree in Business Administration from the Leeds School of Business and a background in finance. Skylar provides a great resource to our clients, not only with our team but also with their marketing. Outside of work, Skylar stays active by exploring the mountains with his dog Freyja and playing music on the guitar he built.

Jaime Harkins


To say our graphic designer is ideally suited to be our graphic designer may just well be selling her skill set short. With eight years of experience working in advertising, visual communication and design, Jamie has the diverse background that brings our clients brand stories to life. An artist at heart, Jamie is equally adept in traditional and digital media – she’s all about the creative storytelling process. A Florida native, Jamie loves to be near the water but is equally at home tackling renovation projects as long as they don’t conflict with her college football.

Josh Paschall


For more than 17 years, Josh has worked professionally as a web designer and full-stack developer which has provided him with a rich knowledge of the intricacies of the industry. Having been an in-house developer at corporations up and down the West Coast, he then transitioned successfully into freelancing positions at a variety of nationally recognized marketing agencies and website development firms. Due to Josh’s well-rounded and agile understanding of web technologies and best practices, he is both comfortable and eager to consult with clients in order to produce websites that fit their needs and help grow their businesses. Currently, Josh lives in Southern California with his wife and four children and is proud to serve as a member of Tree Ring Digital’s remote team.​​

Josh Hause


Over the last nine years, Josh has honed his expertise in website design and development. As a force behind the scenes, he has pursued both in-house and freelance opportunities, thus forming his rich understanding and implementation of all things WordPress. His experience with website composition, collaborative customization, and artistic execution has proven essential to large and small businesses. With an MBA in Marketing and International Business, he also has a degree in UX Design which brings a highly-valued element to the Tree Ring Digital team. When Josh is off the clock, he enjoys caring for his dog, Burkley, playing guitar, and traveling to the coast.​​

Kayleigh Maijala


A marketing writer must balance communication and collaboration in order to drive a successful project. This is the space where our copy writer Kayleigh Maijala thrives. With over a decade of experience writing research driven digital content, Kayleigh expertly distills our clients’ internal and industry focused information into consumable content that supports business goals while resonating with customers. After spending much of her life living bi-coastal, Kayleigh settled in Arizona where the outdoor opportunities perfectly fit her adventurous lifestyle.

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